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Estate Planning - Going Beyond Insurance

 Reaching your financial goal through a series of stepsAs a Life Underwriter Training Council Fellow and a seasoned insurance agent with 20 years experience, Glen McGaha’s mission is to help folks improve their financial security and protect their quality of life. Glen understands the value of using legal documents and insurance products to protect the immediate needs of your family and property from financial loss. But insurance by itself can't do it all; a long-range solution is needed.

 Glen has realized early in his career that long-range planning is vital to achieving wealth and financial security. But, most people don't do it -- many think it's too far in the future. That’s a big mistake to think Estate Planning is too far away. Also, some folks believe Estate Planning is for old people trying to figure out what to include in their wills. This can’t be any further from the truth and another mistake. 

Although having a will is better than no will, but a "living trust" is by far (in most cases) a much better solution. The best approach is to implement an Estate Plan with the proper legal, and financial instruments are required to ensure your goals are accomplished according to your instructions.

 If you are one of those people that don’t fully understand Estate Planning, you’re not alone. But here’s some very good news, Glen understands how Florida law affects the Estate Planning execution and can help you. If you have questions, Glen has the answers. 

You need to set up a confidential appointment with Glen by calling (813) 425-3878, email or complete our On-line Request Form to arrange for a free consultation to discuss your estate planning needs and how Estate Planning can benefit you, now and in the near future. Get the facts by calling Glen.


Estate Planning starts with saving that can have some benefitsEstate Planning Starts Now with Unexpected Benefits

 You ever hear the saying, “if only I started that earlier, think of where I would be today”. This is basically the idea behind Estate Planning. In a nutshell, Estate Planning is more about what you want to achieve at a certain date and doing those things to make it happen. It's that simple. Of course, it's up to you to decide on what to accomplish and when. With the right plan executed now, you can gain some unexpected benefits. These benefits can vary widely from: tax benefits, to annuities, to the purchase of a vacation home you rent and earmark for retirement or just a simple savings plan. The point is you’re working towards a goal you set for yourself to improve your quality of life and/or your family’s financial security.


celebration of reaching estate Planning Goals characterized by a champaign bottleWhen Estate Planning Goals are Reached -- it's a Celebration

  Once you achieved your Estate Planning goals at that the specified date(s), the result is a once in a lifetime celebration with a campaign bottle uncorked, and the sky is lit up with a fanfare of fireworks. Most people wait a lifetime for this to happen. So, reaching your goals at your designated point in your life is crucial. Everyone gets just one shot at it. Some people never celebrate because they failed to do any Estate Planning. The problem with life, in general, is there are no do-overs.

 Maybe your goal is to do something you always wanted to do, such as opening a bed and breakfast, an internet business, buying a boat for charter, spending all your time cruising and traveling or simply retiring on the beach and fishing all day. Whatever goal you set to achieve will mark an important milestone in your life. Isn’t it time for you to begin this important planning process before it’s too late.


Glen's New Approach - "Making Estate Planning Easy"

Estate Planning process is very much like following a path through the sand As an insurance agent who has been involved in helping people be financially protected and secure, Glen can tell you Estate Planning is your life plan to develop financial growth and security to carry you and your family from today to tomorrow. But, most Estate Planning fails due to 2 basic reasons: the lack of an actually completed plan and poor follow-through.  In most cases Estate Planning has no central point of control; the client ends up going to different professionals and shopping round to get the right services and without having the expertise for each piece. The client, that’s you – takes on the burden to fill in the missing gaps. Many times the plan is never completed or even started. 

Glen overcomes these shortcomings by Making Estate Planning Easy. He does this with an Estate Planning process he has developed to help his clients be more effective with their insurance and financial planning. The following are the best-practices developed by Glen for his planning process to put together a successful Estate Planning solution tailored to his client’s particular goals and needs:

  • Glen simplifies the Estate Planning by using a process to layout all the necessary tasks and services that need to be done and also any optional pieces
  • Glen manages the entire end-to-end process, providing guidance and is your single-point-of-contact for all your Estate Planning needs.
  • Glen works with you from the very beginning to understand your current financial position, your work and retirement plans, all your future goals, time frames and how you want your assets distributed and any final demands. Glen will help you develop your life roadmap to achieve your goals.
  • Glen works with you to identify and find those legal and financial instruments required to successfully implement your life roadmap
  • Glen has assembled a team of experts that are seasoned professional to perform specific tasks under his guidance and direction. Glen handles all the loose ends and arranges for trusted professional services to be put in place and performed
  • Glen’s team of experts review your Estate Planning solution and quality assures it based on the best-practices of each professional from difference disciplines
  •  Once your completed Estate Planning Solution is finalized, it’s ready to be implemented to work for you.
  • Glen helps you execute your Estate Planning solution and monitor’s its execution


It’s Time to Get Your Future Started

 Successful Estate Planning means acheiving your goals by saling off into the sunsetGlen “Makes Estate Planning Easy” by providing comprehensive Estate Planning services focused to meet the needs of Florida residents with an Estate Planning process to produce a complete integrated Estate Planning solution. Also, Glen’s Estate Planning process takes into account other sources of revenue and benefits, such as pensions, veteran benefits, and social security. Glen will work with you to develop a unified plan that’s thoroughly designed to fulfill your goals and demands. This Is definitely the time to setup an appointment with Glen to discuss your financial future – its closer than you think.

Now that you understand the importance of Estate Planning, please pick up the phone and call (813) 425-3878 to set up your free and private Estate Planning meeting with Glen and take your future off of hold. With Glen McGaha there is never any sales pressure, get your a free consultation to get started now. 

 Please call Glen McGaha on (813) 425-3878, email or complete our On-line Request Form for a free quote or to arrange for a free consultation to discuss your all insurance or estate planning needs.


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